The very bright lamp in front of the camera allows weeding even at night and the self guided system can be used after dawn without interruption of work

Each tool support is attached by parallelograms to the main frame.

Each cylinder is controlled by the respective camera computer and moves the corresponding hoe continuously to the accurate position

ACCURATE AND FAST INTER-ROW WEED CONTROL, EVEN AT LARGE WORKING WIDTHS. This is realized by the optoelectronic system called Autopilot from K.U.L.T.-Kress

The plant row is seen by a camera and the collected data are analyzed in a computer, which acts directly on the hydraulic steering.

Because every bed is controlled separately, the common bed preparation and planting systems can be used without any

modifications. The outcome is high performance and significant economies of labour and machine costs

Componens of the Robocrop System are…
− Hydraulic side shift incorporating 3 point linkage
− Category 2 or 3, 3 point linkage arms
− Robocrop Console
− Imaging Camera
− Wheel mounted speed sensor
− Inwork sensor linkage arms

Due to the large area viewed by the camera and multiple crop line processing an excellent average crop row centreline tracking is achieved. Robocrop compares the resulting image to a predetermined grid pattern
relating to the crop row spacing. This information is then utilised to bring the equipment onto the row centres via a hydraulic sideshift.

The grid matching feature helps to make the system robust against background weed
infestation.Tractor requirements are
– Hydraulic feed and return
– 12V power supply
– Category 2 or 3, 3 point linkage arms

The large field of vision of the Robocrop results in accurate tracking even in poor crop conditions. The system will accurately track crop rows in many different arable and horticultural crops it is colour intelligent and therefore the effects of shadows or strong sunlight are minimised

and it is very accurate at high working speeds The side shift platform is very stable and self adjusts for wear and tear therefore accuracy can be maintained for a long period of the life of the machine Because Robocrop looks at multiple rows it maintains high accuracy at all times even in high speed infestations. So long as the crop foliage is the dominant green feature in the camera view accurate guidance is possible Robocrop enables very large inter-row cultivator’s to be mounted on the rear of the tractor Smaller systems can be front mounted so increasing the versatility of the system Sideshifts can be equipped with quick

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