About Us

For over 20 years, K.U.L.T. – Kress Cultivation Solutions has manufactured the highest quality and most efficient cultivation equipment on the globe. Our German engineered solutions, such as the world-renowned Kress Finger Weeder and Kress Robovator, are each designed to cut labor costs while allowing farmers to focus their vital resources on other aspects of their business.

No matter how large of a crop, K.U.L.T. equipment maintains it’s reputation as being extremely effective while also superior in quality, and strength. Not only do we make farming easier for small and large industrial organizations, we also set the standard for consulting clients on how to select the correct combination of tools, in order to achieve maximum results in the specific soil and plant types you’re working with.

All proprietary developments through decades of fine-tuning and enhancing technology, are put under detailed, comprehensive, and strict aptitude tests. This is necessary to help ensure your farm is equipped with nothing but the absolute highest grade solutions for the job.

K.U.L.T. Cultivation Solutions goes above and beyond to create simple, low-maintenance farming equipment that make life easier for farmers. Healthy crop production requires hard work and sacrifice. We understand the toll it takes battling different forces throughout the season.

Customers deserve the best, and that’s what we provide. We want you to produce the yields you need to keep your business profitable and your soil healthy and well-tended.

About Our Equipment

The Kress Finger Weeder provides a powerful weapon in the unending fight against weeds determined to ruin the yield you worked so hard for. It’s a tool conceived from a simple concept for use with a multitude of crop types. Use it in orchards, vegetable farms, and vineyards. The delicacy of the Finger Weeder ensures that no damage is done to any of your produce.

The materials used to construct our finger weeders give them a durable yet flexible tension. This lets stems remain unbroken while allowing the weeder to deal with stone, sand, and other difficult soil elements. We’ve made them available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Kress Finger Weeders suppress weeds and improve water retention with little soil disturbance. You save yourself a ton of manual labor in a variety of ways.

Make farm weeding even easier by using the autopilot feature available with our cultivating tools. This system combines computer, camera, and hydraulic cylinder technologies to give our cultivators the ability to precisely steer the equipment among the rows of your crops. This lets equipment get closer to plants than you could with manual steering.

About Our Quality

We pride ourselves on being a high-level farm equipment manufacturer. Our German engineered equipment gets put through rigorous trials and detailed aptitude tests before being released to the marketplace. You won’t see another equipment company in agriculture manufacture products with more strength or consistency in excellence.

When you buy K.U.L.T. Cultivation Solutions equipment, you receive our unending support. We help you understand the best ways to combine your equipment to give you the best results for the plants you work with.

Our Team

Dan Hulse

Dan got his start in the food and farming industry in 2004, as an operations manager at Organically Grown Company (OGC), the Northwest’s largest wholesaler/distributor of organic produce. In 2008, Dan left OGC to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. In 2009, Dan and his wife, Kim, purchased a 40-acre farm in Orting, WA, and incorporated under the name Tahoma Farms. The couple has run Terra Organics since 2006, delivering organic produce and more to households, restaurants, schools and grocery stores throughout western Washington. Dan is currently on the Pierce County Agriculture Commission, working to advance the interests of farmers in his community. He has been with KULT-Kress since May of 2017 and finds the business of saving farmers money quite rewarding.

Sam Hitchcock Tilton

Sam grew up in Wisconsin. After studying philosophy and math in college he worked on horse and tractor-powered vegetable farms in Wisconsin before starting his own CSA vegetable farm. He stopped the farm after a few years to manage an educational farm. For a while he was publisher and editor of the Fresh Coast Grower’s Bulletin, a monthly magazine for Wisconsin vegetable growers. Sam is passionate about farming and writing, and has visited vegetable farmers all over the country and the world and written about them in Vegetable Grower’s News and Growing for Market magazines.


An interview with Sam about the 2017 Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6GQ1eS0rnY

Joseph Fisher

Joe is an experienced nursery and fresh-cut flower grower, farming 30 acres of land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. An experienced welder and machinist, Joseph designs and manufactures custom equipment in his spare time. One of his most recent projects is a 23 HP tractor, with four-wheel drive and steering, and a ground clearance of 22 inches. This the video of the first time he used the tractor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_H1L_tLV9I

Joseph is a dedicated family-man, and is devoted to his faith, wife and family.
His hobbies include riding paso fino horses and touring the countryside on his BMW motorcycle.