About Us

The equipment they offer is simple, low-maintenance and above all, effective and is of the best quality and superior strength. All proprietary developments were and always are put under detailed comprehensive aptitude tests. The equipment goes through extensive testing and trials before it is placed on the market. Finger weeders are one of the best weed management tools in the world, applying a simple concept to create an effective tool to implement in most any crop. Vineyards, orchards, and vegetable farms benefit from these delicate fingers moving under the canopy and around the stems of plants. Finger weeders reduce manual labor, assist in water retention by minimal soil disturbance and, most of all, weed suppression.

Finger weeders are constructed with materials that compose a durable, yet flexible tension. The idea of making a piece of tooling that will be tender to stems and yet durable in sand, stones, and other type of soils is ingenious and now this technology is available to all farmers worldwide! Finger weeders are available in several weights, sizes and bright, attractive colors. When you purchase finger weeders from K.U.L.T. Kress, you are not only buying the tool, but also the knowledge of soil types and plants. They willingly assist you to select the correct combination of tools to achieve maximum results in the specific soil and plant types you are working with.

To make life easier, you combine their auto pilot with the best cultivating tools and you are equipped with the best weed control. This new technology is based on a camera coupled to a computer. The computer controls a hydraulic cylinder, which creates a side shift of the toolbar and cultivator. This system performs a precise steering of row crop cultivators thus improving weeding efficiency. The weeding can be done closer to the plants than would otherwise be possible with manual steering.